Saturday, September 29, 2007

61 minutes & 40 degrees

That's the difference between the McWilliams campground on Mt. Charleston and our house on a Saturday night in late Sept.

I just returned from the first "Big Ol Family Camp out" planned and put together by the Darrington clan of Las Vegas. It was great! Cold & windy, but great! By my count there were about 42 people who were there for the weekend, off and on.

Most got there Friday afternoon, but I got there around 7:15 on Friday night. Dinner was on.

"Big Ol" THANKS to Nathan who had set up my tent complete with air mattress before I arrived. And, for unloading my car for me. And, for driving down and calling David and waiting up for him to arrive. And, finally, driving me back to my car in the parking lot. A cold front had blown through (blown being the operative word, here) and it was cold and windy. But, in my tent, as long as I kept my head covered, I survived. Not the greatest night sleep I've ever had, but good. Not everyone else fared as well. Some ended up in their cars sleeping through the night. I don't know how cold it was Friday night, but it was cold.

I was awake this AM @ 6:10, thanks to some chatty girls in the neighboring campsite and my forgetting my ear plugs. The day warmed up some and by the end of the day the wind had died down. When I got in my car to leave tonight it was 34. When I pulled into my driveway, it was 74!

HUGE KUDOS to Tyler B who cooked all the meals. Extraordinary meals. Not hamburgers/hot dogs stuff. Meatball sandwiches, enchiladas, stuffed burritos, dutch oven chicken, peach cobbler and caramel/apple pie a la dutch oven. He is amazing. And Sarah for all the food buying, packing, preparing too. Thanks, thanks, thanks to you both.

David was able to come up and spend last night, and today and tonight there. He'll return with everyone else tomorrow. He is a phenom to behold with little children. He took so many kids on walks, played with them, occupied them, laughed with them, you name it He is pretty much the favorite uncle/cousin to the little kids! And the big kids!

Others will be posting of their experiences there, so I'll stop for now. But, it's amazing how much fun and good times we have as a family when we get together. We are all pretty much our favorite people, I think. I know the people I spent the weekend are MY favorites! I think Grandma Garrard had to be smiling to see so many of her grand kids and great grand kids enjoying themselves so much. Looking forward to next year. Maybe in August!

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Jerolyn said...

COLD but fun indeed! So true what you said about David, he is such a Great Awesome guy. My kids think he is the bomb (so do I). Sarah and Tyler also The Bomb! I got a great photo of you that I will be posting also!