Friday, August 31, 2007


I came home from work today just SURE I'd have a letter in the mailbox from Michael. letter. That's a real bummer. I mean, come on! He's been in the MTC 10 days now. I am sure he probably has a letter in the mail. Mailman, come on. Julina said she got a letter today and I'm glad for her.

I have no real news to write other than to say I'm home alone. Sort of. I am having a sleepover with Austin & Caylee and they are watching (sort of) Willy Wonka and the Choclolate Factory. It's 10:15 and they've both been yawning andI'm pretty sure they're crashing soon. I sure feel like it.

My husband and both daughters are in Utah with my daughter-in-law and friend Terry. I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself for having to miss the good times. Work won't let me off! It sucks.

I put the kids in Mike's room on the pull out couch/bed earlier and put in an old VHS video in the TV/VHS combo we have there. The tape is stuck and won't eject, and so now, we can't watch TV there either. That stinks.

Work has been intense this week and I'm really ready for a 3 day weekend. Tomorrow I'm making some cookies and putting together a goodie package to send to the boy. I also signed up with and wrote Mike a quick letter. You email the letter to him, they print it and mail it from Provo, so they get the letter's faster.

That's it for now. I need a more full life so I'd have something to blog about!

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