Friday, August 3, 2007


I'm sitting here on my Friday off work thinking of the bajilion things I need to do today. Go to the chiropractor because it's been a month and my neck/shoulder are killing me. Bust out the carpet shampooer, but hate to, because the humidity in the air makes it take forever to dry, but really need to before next weekend. Do some sewing! I could spend 3 days straight at the sewing maching with all the things I have planned in the sewing department. Grocery shop because I need eggs. Birthday shopping for Erin. Maybe do lunch with my kids today, if they're available. Write some thank-you's for birthday gifts received. Do laundry. Clean out my pantry. Call my dr for a Rx refil. Work in a day sometime to make it to the Family History Center to clear some more names for Temple Work to be done. Is that enough? I'll think of about 15 more things as the day goes along.

But, I was looking for a new post from daughter Sarah, who hasn't posted since 7/25, (ah hmm) and was re-reading Erin's post. Which then led me to the comments. Which then got me thinking about her birthday and what I can give her. Which got me thinking about how much I love her. Which got me thinking about how much I love all my kids & Howard. Which got me thinking about other people I love. Which got me thinking about how blessed I am in life to have so many people to love. Some people don' t have anyone. How do they do life without loving someone? Its family and friends that get me through day to day. OK, here's the GINORMOUS lump in my throat! How can you think about how blessed you are without crying?! I don't know how to do that. And, why does your throat close up and cramp up and you get a lump in your throat when you start to cry??? What's the biology of that, anyone know?

So, I love my kids. For so many reasons. Sarah is so smart, creative, diligent and caring. Erin is loving, smart, creative and nurturing. Nathan isn't a big talker, but a thinker. He's a great dad & husband. He steps up and does what is needed when necessary. Takes care of business. David is loving, FUNNY, kind, personable and smart. Michael is dedicated to the Gospel, feel things deeply, and brightens my days. They sustain me. Howard can lift me up and brighten me when I'm down (his mood affects my mood, which sometime is good and sometimes not!). He's brought so much good into my life, I can't even begin to list them all, but appreciation for Broadway musicals is one. I had never seen but on, Fiddler on the Roof, when I met him. Then, he introduced me to Camelot and Man of Lamancha and I was hooked. I'm listening to CNN and the sad coverage of the bridge collapse in Minnesota and am so sad for the families of those who died. Some people lose more than one person in their family at a time. I can't imagine how I would EVER be able to handle that. They mean everything to me. I'm so grateful for my knowledge and faith that families really can be together forever.

There are so many people who have touched my life for good. I started naming them, but had to erase them because I can't list them all and tell you why I love them. But there are a lot. A LOT!!! And I'm 52. Which sucks. Not because I'm 52, which I'm totally fine with (it is what it is!) but because I have this huge sense of TIME-IS-PASSING-TOO-QUICKLY to do everything I think I'm supposed to and want to. Seriously, I think I need to live to about 120 to get it all done. Guess I need to prioritize, huh?

OK, I've got to run. Lots to do today. Need to get going on that.


barlows said...

Sounds like you could start listing the people post-by-post and up your average from once a week to more than that. I'm not sayin', but I'm sayin' . . .

barlows said...

I know, kettle, black, pot, whatever.