Saturday, August 4, 2007

Great Day

Today, Aug. 4, 2007, is a good day. Today is Erin's 29th birthday and today Michael went to the Temple.

I love the Temple. I'm such a smoosh for dead ancestors and think about them a lot, even the ones I never knew in life. I've always sensed this connection to them even when I was a kid and didn't know anything about Temples or their purpose. When I go there, I most often have this sense of being with them. Today was no exception. There were some people I really hoped were there with us, though I can't say I "felt" anyone's presence, especially, probably because I was such a basket case myself. My mom & dad. Howard's mom & dad. My grandmothers. I hope Elizabeth Keener from Arkansas had a good day today, too (she's the name I had). Michael leaves in 18 days. Wow. That evokes a lot of emotion, but mostly pride and joy.

We had people from our ward that showed up and that was so nice for the support for our family. Other family friends were there too and that was so great. I appreciate everyone who came. Those who wanted to and couldn't, I understand. Life happens sometimes.

I missed great-neice Bryenna's baptism, but made it to her house to visit a bit. After the Temple and the forever-long wait @ Cheesecake Factory, by the time we got home it was nap time. I laid down for a "short" nap and slept right through her baptism. Felt really bad about that, but had a good visit with family at Taylors later. I look forward to seeing more family @ Darrington's tomorrow as Tyler blesses Kiersten. Sorry Dustin & Leah that I had to miss Karly's baptism. Can't be in too many places at once!

I am going to officially complain. I'm tired of the heat & HUMIDITY. I realize that it's nothing compared to what I used to live in, but I never lived in it when I was menopausal and I'm tired of heat, both internal & external! There. I feel better. Probably because I have a fan blowing right on me, not beause I vented.

Not much else to say tonight. I'll go for now.

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barlows said...

Grandma Garrard and Aunt Dode were there. I'm sure of it.