Saturday, August 25, 2007

Missionary Mom

I finally have a minute to post a bit about the happenings of the week. This week has absolutely FLOWN by and I can't believe it's already been 5 days since Monday when I was so stressed and posted last.

Mike got set apart and that was sweet and nice, as those things always are. Seriously, I've been an emotional wreck since Sunday. Just when I least expect it, the tears come. Not sad tears, just love tears.

We left on Tuesday and drove to Elk Ridge and stayed with our friends Morris & Elaine Smith. They are our Mexico "connection". She has a library that she runs that has turned into a part time school, actually. Anway, they treated us royally and love us and our entire family. Without going into too much detail, there was a bit of confusion about the plan for breakfast on Wed. AM, and I have to apologize to Sarah, right here and right now. For someone who was wanting the day to be so perfect, I behaved in a most un-perfect way and I'm truly sorry. One of these days, I'll be able to rise above my most base emotional levels. At least I hope so. Wednesday wasn't that day. Anyway...Howard gave Mike a beautiful father's blessing. And then we left and drove to Provo.

Let me just say here that I am sure I have some of the most wonderful kids on the planet. Erin had been left behind, feeling so bad about not being able to go because she had family commitments she didn't see anyway out of. Nate had work and didn't think he would be able to come. David had planned to come, but at the last minute, they were down like 4 people and he had to stay. It was hard on David, too, when Mike left. In his words, as they hugged goodbye, "This sucks". Well, I'm not sure when it all got planned, but Nathan and Erin were able to work it out and drive up through the night and surprize us. Nate had to let me know once he got in Provo, but when we met up with him and Stacy (who had driven down from Huntsville, where she's visiting her family), who should come out from behind the corner, but Erin, Sydney and Mackenzie. Of course, when I saw them, I was a bawling mess and Mackenzie and Sydney just laughed and laughed. It was great! I just so wished David could have been there, too, but being responsible and mature, he stayed and did what he had to do. Supporting a missionary calls for all kinds of sacrifices :) MY KIDS LOVE EACH OTHER!!! Does it get better than that????

So, we then went to the MTC. You know, it's great, but at the same time, it's so hard to say goodbye to your kid knowing you won't see him for two years. You cry and hope that image of him leaving and turning and waving will never leave you for two years. And, you are so incredibily proud of him. (She says with a lump in her throat).

Then we went to lunch with our friends Dave & Hilma who I need to call and apologize for being so much less than I should have been. My heart just wasn't in being personable that day and I hope they don't think I was a spoiled brat. I was just spent, emotionally, and didn't have it in me to chit chat too much. I'm so grateful, however, that they came and showed their support. We love them.

It's been super busy for me at work Thursday and Friday, which helped me keep my mind occupied and not be obsessed with how much I miss Michael. (Crying now). I went into his room to start cleaning out a few things today and didn't get too far and decided I'm not really ready to do too much in that direction. I don't want to get rid of his stuff, just pack it up and put it somewhere...else. Don't know where, exactly. I found his little stuffed bear a missionary that used to serve in our area gave him when he was two. He called it his Kevin Bear (Kevin is the missionary's name). I just hugged it and bawled. How can my two year old be on a mission?!

So, today we got our first letter from him. He wrote it Wed. night. He's got Elder Mackay (pronounced Mackie) from Oregon as a companion. He shares a room with 3 other Elders all whom are going to W. VA. Another room of 4 Elders are going, too. Says he's pretty overwelmed. He is the District Leader while he's in the MTC. He said he's pretty overwhelmed and doesn't remember a lot of what he had been told.

Well, that's the update for now. I'll be putting a package in the mail to him, probably Monday or Tuesday.


Julina said...

several things. Thank you SO MUCH for posting MTC events. I've just been waiting for one of you to do so. He's district leader there?! he's so awesome. Was this letter an email? If so, is there anyway those letters could be forwarded to me? Also, you asked me to call you, but when I lost my phone, I never got your home phone number back, so I can't really, but my email address is I'm almost unpacked here... I've been going non-stop LITERALLY since I left your house Monday... goo.

barlows said...

Thank you, thank you very much. No worries, Mom, we're always fine later, remember? Love you.

Beth said...

Thank YOU, Sarah. Pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee don't move o Delaware. Or something like it!

Jerolyn said...

very heart felt post!

Molly said...

I remember having Elliott leave, and I was a total wreck! Elliott has already sent Mike a letter, so he'll feel love from us. :) Love you!

Tyler said...

Tell Mike to watch out for Pacific-northwesterners!!! They are a dangerous bunch!! I am married to one!!!:)

annilee said...

Beth I hope you are doing well! I watched Sara's video and I was crying for you!!! Good Luck missionary mom!!!!

Molly said...

Hi Beth! I tagged you! Visit my blog for details. :)