Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things I love about Sunday

I was laying in bed this morning about 6:30 which is usually about the time I wake up on Sunday mornings, give or take 15 or 20 minutes, thinking, "It's Sunday. I love Sunday". Then, I started thinking why I love Sundays. Here are some of the reasons, though not necessarily in order.

1. Church. I love church. The hymns, USUALLY pretty decent talks and lessons, interacting and mingling with good people. I mingle with good people at work, too, but church is different. I think it's the Spirit.

2. CBS Sunday Morning news show. I love that show. I've watched it for 15 years or so. I love the format.

3. Football during the season. I miss it when it's over.

4. Dinner. I usually can be counted on to make SOMETHING for Sunday dinner/lunch that's a little more involved than what ususally gets taken care of (if it gets taken care of at all) during the week. Although, there's no guarantee or promises about this one.

5. With a good church schedule and a little luck, I sometimes manage a Sunday nap. Glorious.

6. The Amazing Race on Sunday nights. I miss it when it's not on.

7. Not going anywhere or having to be anywhere. The whole day of rest thing. I can put on my jammies if I want at 12:30 and be good. I usually don't do that, in case someone stops by, but I CAN if I want.

8. Baths. Now that our church schedule is changing and we won't have to be at church until 11:00, I can resume my Sunday morning bath routine. I love to take a bath and being in this house we have a nice, big tub. It's a little bit longer, more luxurious proposition to body cleaning than my usual 4 minute shower. So, Sunday morning is the one day of the week I have time to enjoy one.

9. Treats. I don't do it so often anymore, but if I'm going to make treats, it's usually going to be on Sunday. Especially when I think some of my kids and grandkids will come over.

10. It's not Monday.

That's my list. I might think of other reasons, but I think that pretty much covers it.


Leah and Dustin said...

I LOVE Sunday also! Although it's tough getting myself + three girls ready for 9am church I do love that schedule simply because you can come home, get out of your church clothes, and have the rest of the day to lounge! I also love Sunday dinner, especially because most of the time we get to go to Kris' and I can just enjoy the yummy food she makes! Sundays are so nice and I'm so thankful for that day of rest!

slave said...

You need to blog girlfriend. I finally am.