Friday, May 18, 2007

Almost a Missionary!

Well, it's official. Michael met Wednesday night with Stake Pres. Davie. Couldn't find the medical paperwork to turn in with the rest of his packet. Found them that night. Met Pres. Davie on Thursday night, passed on the papers. I'm assuming that the papers are on their way. Yay!!! Bishop says the call COULD come in 2 weeks. I learned today that the missionary committee meets on Wednesdays, then the First Pres. meets on Thursdays and they give the final OK (or not) to the MC recommendations. So, I'm thinking that the call COULD come a early as May 31, but more likely June 7 (I think Thursdays are the magic day, usually). Anyway, we'll just see. Big waiting game, then it's on to shopping for suits and shirts and socks & stuff!

I talked to my cousin Carlene today. Her daughter-in-law, Sue, had breast cancer 4 years ago. I just found out it returned and in November, she had a double mastectomy and nearly died from a subsequent staph infection and collapsed lung. I just hate hearing stuff like that about people my age! Ever since my friend Dodie went through her breast cancer about 11 years ago, I've given a fair amount of consideration to the subject. It's weird how cancer is. You can have it and be feeling perfectly fine before you learn you have it. Then, it's discovered, and to treat you, you get so sick you nearly die. Literally. I mean, after all, you're being poisoned with chemo. But, I'm grateful to live in the day and age I do so if it does happen, I have a better chance than my grandparents and even parents would have had. I've decided being born in 1955 was really a good time. I mean, Disneyland opened that year!! Nice of Mickey to celebrate with me. My sister-in-law is having more surgery on her amputated leg on June 4. I mean what's left of it. She's had some complications and they are hoping they can fix it without having to end up amputating above the knee, which changes the whole dynamic of a prosthetic. I don't know how she endures all she does. She has a lot of health problems. She has a great support in my brother, Gary.

My girls are both out of town. Feels weird.

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