Thursday, May 24, 2007

OK, maybe I lied...but not on purpose.

It looks like there's been a snag with Michael's paperwork. Evidently the papers HAVEN'T gone in. Yet. From what I understand, after the Stake Pres. interview, the Bishop needs to "sign off" on "something". When our BRAND-NEW Bishop went online to sign in, the system wouldn't let him because it hadn't been updated to reflect that he is our Bishop. Still had our old Bishop listed. So, today, after work, I got home and there is a message from the Stake Clerk (or someone) telling Michael to call him "regarding some missing information". So, the papers haven't gone in. Patience. Can't control this. What's one or two more weeks in the overall scheme of things???????? I keep telling myself that this is for a plan and he'll go where he's meant to go, when he's meant to be there. There...(big breath) I feel better.

I have a gripe. We had an AC unit that has been making a horrible sound. Still cooled fine, but we figured it was a matter of time before that wasn't the case. Went through our American Home Shield homeowners insurance and had a contractor come out THREE times. Couldn't find anything, but took our $55 service fee. Got 2nd opinion last Saturday. Great. Bad compressor. AHS approved replacing it. Sweet. Wait...there's $350 that isn't covered. Per AHS, $150 for freon recapture (EPA guidelines) and $200 to haul away the old compressor. Howard said for $200 we can haul it away ourselves. So, when the part came in and they called to set up the appointment to install said compressor, I had a chat with the scheduler and told her we'd pass on the $200 fee, thanks. She put me on with Victor, owner/manager of A1 Air Conditioning and Heating, who told me that AHS had misquoted the fees, that the entire $350 was for the freon recapture and disposal. So, after about 10 minutes of polite discussion, I finally said, "fine, go ahead and schedule it to be installed". So, today, Agustin comes and all credit to him, worked on our AC for about 4+ hours. When he left my well running AC, and brought me the receipt, right there, in black and white carbon was the $150 freon recapture and $$200 disposal fee. So, I called the company. Of course, Victor is gone, so I speak to the receptionist who really doesn't have an answer as to why Victor is telling me on one day that what AHS quotes is WRONG, but the very next day, gives me something in writing that is EXACTLY what AHS said the charge was. I asked her why I should pay the entire amount, because at that point, the compressor was installed, an payment was being made for that by AHS. It seems to me as though they were just trying to gouge us out of $200. She told me that if I didn't pay for the entire thing, that they would take the compressor out. I would stop payment on the check, if I weren't afraid they would do just that, but it makes me think I should take them to small claims court. Of course, by now, they have actually taken the compressor and disposed of it, in the SPECIAL, $200 DUMPSTER, I'm sure. What a rip off. All I can say is AAHHGGH!!! Where is an attorney in the family when you need one?!

OK, I started this and had to come back to it. Michael's "snag" with the mission paperwork is that evidently, the medical paperwork he had was "old" paperwork. So, he needs to pick up new paperwork, get a new appointment with the doctor, and get whatever else checked/tested/poked/probed/examined he needs to. Don't know how long that process will take. He's frustrated, I could tell. Guess him making it to the Temple when Nate and Stacy are sealed will be pretty much out of the question, with this hold up happening. Disappointing to me, if no one else. But, I refer to my last sentence in the first paragraph!

Tomorrow is Friday. Hoooooorrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!


Stac said...

Hey at least you have AC. I grew up in a house with NO ac. Granted it wasn't hot like Vegas but it still got pretty bad. Don't worry too much about Michael. It's all in the plans and maybe he needs to go later for some reason. maybe he will meet his wife :) That only happens to the lucky ones! Be happy!

Daniel said...

Well First off let me tell that it totally sucks that Mike has snags cause I hate being anxious.
As for the air conditioning thing it is actually more a problem with the Home Shield HO Insurance. They are so screwy we have stopped doing installs for them because first they do not pay the contractor or the plumber or AC service techs properly so that is why they charged you 200 for disposal to recoup the cost of labor and stuff to that effect. Because home shield will do something stupid like only pay them 75$ for labor and cost on the part which in the long run screws the company doing the work. But it is better than paying the 700 it would have cost to replace the part without warranty. But it is still just wrong.

Molly said...

I'm coming Beth!! :) Just have to pass that stupid bar exam....