Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good things

I thought today, as I was headed to church in a pretty positive feeling mood, that I really am very blessed. I started thinking (as I often do, but probably not often enough) of the things I'm grateful for/really like. Here are some of them, but they are just randomly listed, in no paricular order.

1. Banana flavored candy--Laffy Taffy, etc.
2. The beach on a warm, sunny day.
3. Red Pepper Stew.
4. Road trips with people I like.
5. DVR.
6. Grey's Anatomy.
7. The smell of freshly mown grass.
8. Baby giggles.
9. A good Sunday School lesson.
10. Hymns.
11. Car washes.
12. Learning new things.
13. My husband's legs.
14. Country music.
15. Puppy breath.
16. Making quilts (it's been a while).
17. Finishing a book.
18. Going to the movie with friends.
19. Boston Legal.
20. Fresh cinnamon rolls.
21. Fried catfish (southern style).
22. Family History.
23. Family reunions.
24. Girl friend weekends with Marsha, Calleen & Cathy.
25. Doing nice things for others.
26. Sheets dried outside.
27. My house after the house cleaner lady comes.
28. Sparkly clean floors & windows.
29. Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper.
30. Caffeine Free Diet soda IN THE FOUNTAIN at restraunts & convenience stores.
31. Floating in a 85 degree swimming pool.
32. Oldies (60s & 70s music).
33. Cross stitching.
34. Word Processing.
35. Microwave ovens.
36. My icemaker/water dispenser on the front of my fridge.
37. Being able to park my car in the garage.
39. Being around my kids when they are reminiscing about their childhood.
40. Being around my kids.
41. Waiting for my kids' mission calls.
42. Wating for my return missionary coming home!
43. Idaho grown baked potatoes.
44. Ham & bean soup & fresh homemade bread (thanks to Grandma Garrard for teaching me how good that could be)!
45. My husband's dry, slightly naughty, slightly sick sense of humor.
46. Daffodils.
47. Listening to Erin play the piano.
48. Watching David play with the grandkids.
49. Holding hands.
50. Being listened to.
51. Good steak.
52. Old friends.
53. New friends.
54. Old friends rediscovered.
55. Babies right out of the bath.
56. Someone else unloading the dishwasher!
57. Clean bathrooms.
58. Fudge.
59. Hugs.
60. White teeth.
61. Personalized stationary.
62. Massages.
63. Foot massages.
64. Shoulder massages.
65. Losing weight.
66. Blogs.
67. Singing in the car (never the shower).
68. The song "Love Shack".
69. The Temptations.
70. Red Robin.
71. Target.
72. Unhealthy as it is, a "good" suntan!
73. Hearing about my kids accomplishments.
74. Hearing how much teachers like working with my husband.
75. Vacuum tracks in the carpet.
78. Folding laundry (not putting it away).
79. Lemon flavored desserts.
80. The smell of Honeysuckle.
81. Cemetaries.
82. American History.
83. America!!!!!
84. Atlases
85. Dancing.
86. Good service at stores/restraunts.
87. Seeing Davids art.
88. Weddings.
89.Relief Society.
90. Cel Phones.
91. Washington D.C.
92. New York City.
93. Gulf of Mexico beach in Florida.
94. Trips to Louisiana.
95. Philisophical conversations with my daughters and friends.
96. Seeing people act with integrity.
97. Feeling prompted to do something, doing it and knowing I did the right thing.
98. Good running cars.
99. Doing a good job at something.
100. Feeling like LIFE IS GOOD!


Daniel said...

How much fun was this list it totally brightened my day and I totally stole the idea and am about to blog about it. Ofcourse I will throw a shout out to you!! How fun!! BLOGGING RULZ

Erin said...

Seriously, you HAD to put Banana-flavored candy as #1???? Nasty! Fun list, though. I'm thinking more of your philosophical conversations are with Sarah, though. I'm just not as up for a debate as often as she is, usually!

Julina said...

Ah number 41... I think it was that one anyways. I'm totally with you there.

slave said...

I think that took to much thinking Beth. lol What do you mean no-one reads your blog?! Looks like 4 read this one and I am sure Sarah read it also. Silly you.