Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Today--Mother's Day--of course I think of my mother. Elizabeth Joyce Weir Prudhomme Voorhies. She's been gone from this life 23 years. Weird. Because, in my mind, she's still very present. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that she never even saw 2 of my children, and the other 3 were so young they have very little real memory of her. That the knowledge they have of her has been sort of filtered through me. That to them, she's not very REAL. How can that be when she's SO real to me? I get that that's just how it works. Because I hardly knew HER mother. Been there, done that. BUT, I want her to be real to my kids. I want them to feel like they know her so when they do meet each other again one day in the Spirit World, it won't be a matter of hand-shaking-nice-to-meet-you, but "Hey! How've you been"? Personally, I think we will all be surprised at how much people we never knew here on earth, or hardly knew, knows about us. Our lives, our hearts, our fears, our successes. I think we'll find out that they really helped us in ways we didn't even know at the time. I don't think the people in the Spirit World sit around shadowing us, like voyeurs, but I do think they get updates and get to peek in on our lives at certain times. Big events and when we need them. Real guardian angels. Anyway, back to my mom. I love her. I miss her. She had a hard life while she was here and I'm glad for her she got to get out of it early. (I'm already older than she was when she died)! But, I REALLY look forward to seeing her again and hear her call me "Baby" like she sometimes did. She loved me, was proud of me, loved Howard and my kids. Happy Mother's Day, Mama!


Daniel said...

Happy mothers Day to you!!

slave said...

And I thank you greatly for the delicious bread and jam. I also love my mother. She is still here and comes over with my father every Sunday for dinner. Aren't mothers grand?