Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Been Nice While It Lasted

Well, it's Wednesday night @ 10:00. I'm headed to bed and back to work tomorrow. I've had two glorious days off work. Got some things done on my Need To Do list, got some things done on my Want To Do list. Didn't get everything on both lists. Oh well...list fodder for another day.

Went to Scrapbooking group at the church. Missed you Jana and crew. I just have to say my daughter Sarah is the BEST (but she's not my favorite. I don't have a favorite). I realize I'm not unbiased or unprejudiced, so you can probably just quit reading here, but really. She's talented and giving and is really good at most things she does. She's a good teacher ( she gets that from her dad) whether it's teaching Scrapbooking class to a bunch of women or Young Women lessons or HS English (hope you never have to take one of her tests!). She worries a lot about being a good mom and wife and PERSON and I guess it's the worrying that makes her good at all those things, because she wants to be good at them. Women do this, I know, much more than men. Sarah does her share. So do I. Erin probably does, but doesn't talk about it as much. Anyway, Scrapbooking for Sarah is really a lot for her to do and the amazing thing is...she doesn't even HAVE to do it but she does. For us. Thank you, Sarah.

But, I have to give my other kids their kudos, too. Erin is an AWESOME mother. And really smart. Nathan is, from what I see, a pretty good husband and amazing Dad. David makes me laugh (even when I shouldn't) and is great with kids. One day, he'll be an awesome father. Michael is growing up more every day and is genuinely good. Why is it that JUST when they get to that age when you REALLY like them...they move away or go to college or a mission or get married? I know it's the way it's supposed to be, but really, my kids are some of my mostest favorite people. OK, enough already.

I went shopping for friend Terry's wedding on Friday. Getting excited for that. Happy for Terry. Happy for Matt. Ran some other errands and fell asleep on the couch right before my R.S. Pres. meeting @ 4:30. Woke up @ 4:23. Yikes! Hurry. Was only 5 min. late. Whew.

Saturday is a busy day already. Nails at 9:30, Terry & Matt's recption from 11-2, Mackenzie's baptism (I'm speaking on baptism) @ 5:00.

Still waiting on news on Michael's med. paperwork. Seems to be lost in...somewhere. Haven't heard anything from anyone. Patience is a virtue. Virtue is good. Does anyone know where I can pick some up? Smith's? 7-11? Target?

Guess I'm headed back to work tomorrow. Thank you CCSD for the two personal leave days you gave me this year for not taking more than 40 hours of sick leave LAST year. I have over 700 hours of sick leave accumulated ( I had over 800 before my surgery) and I could just use them whenever I want to take a day, but, I have a problem with lying about it and calling in sick when I'm not. So, I don't use it unless I'm actually sick. Or sort of sick. Sick enough to not feel like I would be lying to call in. I'm blessed to be actually healthy most of the time. That's what not smoking does for you, I think. So many people I know at work that smoke are sick at least once or twice a year with respiratory yuch. Some of it really serious stuff.

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The Fatman said...

Yeah I agree your kids are all pretty uber. Which makes you kinda uber for being 1/2 of the parent Equation in that uberness. Anyway about the taking sick time thing I think you should get over that and just call in sick more. There is a reason why they alot that many hours.