Wednesday, May 16, 2007


No big news. I just got of work and got home (it's 4:45). I should be napping quickly, because I'm driving up to the Temple. Much needed session, as I haven't been in a couple of months. So much for my 2 sessions/mo. goal I set for myself! Maybe I can still make up for the sessions I've missed. Sometimes I imagine taking a day and spending the entire day at the Temple, just to see what that would be like. I'm not that good, though.

Michael is going in tonight for his Stake Pres. inteview. Conceivably, his papers could be submitted tomorrow. I that happens, I expect the call to come in the mail on June 7! I'm personally blocking out that day on my calendar if, in fact, the papers do go in. It's weird. I'm just so stinkin' eager to find out where he's going.

I went to the State Semi-Finals for Men's Volleyball last night. We really have a great ward. I bet I saw 20 people there who were from the ward supporting the kids. Most of them didn't have kids playing at all. It's nice to see such support. Unfortunately, they boys lost, but not without valient effort. I'm sad for the Seniors because there's no more chances for them for that State Championship. But, like Mike said last year, "someone's got to lose".

Nothing profound in this post. More at another time.

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