Saturday, May 19, 2007

For Stacy

Stacy! I tried to post on your blog, but the option wasn't there. I'm so sorry about Thursday night. I had been home, but I made food to take to a family who had a death and visited a while. I don't know why anyone else didn't answer, other than if a strange number comes up and isn't recognized, often it doesn't get answered. If you had left a message, I'm sure someowne would have picked up. I didn't get home until after 9. So, if you were calling from neighbor Don's phone #, that could be the reason. What a real bummer of a night. If you thought we were home, you could have just come over here and hung out until Nate got off work. Maybe you need to keep a list of phone numbers of family members to call outside. That has to be near the top of the worst-things-that-have-happened-to-me list. I love you and feel terrible that we weren't any help to you.

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Stac said...

Don't worry, we made it home ok and had a good story to tell! I am mad that I missed Greys though!