Saturday, May 12, 2007

Every Day Should Be Saturday

It's Saturday night and I've had a busy day. Not as busy as some I know, but busy enough. I began the day rather dreading how much I had to do today. I, along with the rest of my R.S. Presidency decided tht we wanted to make mini-loaves of bread and give them, along with some jam to our sisters in R.S. tomorrow for Mother's Day. So, I got up this morning and made 16 loaves, which is how many loaves I got out of a double batch of bread. I finished that, got gifts giftwrapped and left around 11:30 to attend a bridal shower for my great friend, Terry, who is getting married in about 3 weeks. Fun time. Swim party, but the water was cool and not too many people actually got in the water. The sun and warm weather did something to me though, because when I got home I HAD to have a nap. Went to the church at 6:15 and wrapped the bread and put things together for tomorrow morning. It was fun. Got home around 9:00, after stopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery. I have to say, that place, or maybe it's the parking lot, gives me the creeps at night. Feels very seedy.

What I really want to say most today is how much I love my husband. While I was in the house, making bread, unloading the dishwasher, loading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, wrapping gifts, etc., he went outside with his cute little hat that he wears to do lawn work. I figured it would be the normal 20 minute lawn mow. But he used the leaf blower, and blew dust and dirt and leaves and whatever had accumulated on the patio and around the house. Then, he got out the edger and edged clear around the entire lawn and patio. Then, he picked up poop from the dogs and mowed the lawn. He was probably out there for at least 1 1/2-2 hours. As I was watching him do his thing while I was doing mine, I just had the strongest feelings of love for this man. I know he likes a nice lawn. But, I know that having a nice looking lawn isn't just for his enjoyment. He likes to provide a nice home for his family. He's NEVER been unemployed in the nearly 31 years we've been married, as a matter of fact, there have been times when he's worked 2 and sometimes even 3 jobs to accomplish his husbandly/fatherly duties. He's SO not a complainer, (I am much more so inclined to be one!), just does what he thinks needs to be done. He's endured a lot. Still does. Sometimes---and this is a little sad, I think--- it gets difficult to express what is most deeply in your heart to those people you want to hear it the most. I love him and feel so blessed today to be married to him. My life certainly wouldn't be what it is if I hadn't. I don't even want to try to figure out where I'd be if I hadn't. I have an awesome family and I know I am SO blessed. And, when I see my kids laughing and joking and generally enjoying each others' company...well, it just doesn't get better than that. And the sons in law and the daughter in law? Well, I can't imagine anyone different for my kids to have married. They know how to pick 'em! Great matches, it seems to me. They love my kids and for that, I love them. They are great parents to my grandkids. I can't wait to see who David and Michael eventually marry. I know we'll love them, too. Today is a good day!

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Daniel said...

Woot woot This Post Rocks Alot!! Big Props To Howard and good husbands everywhere!!! And I agree with the every Day saturday things!!! Keep these blogs coming they rock!!