Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Thoughts

I've not posted since Thanksgiving. Nothing, day to day, seems big enough to post about. My life is pretty boring these days, it seems to me. But, I'm still addicted to seeing my kids' posts.

Speaking of which, I just read Erin's post about the receptionist at the doctors office who wouldn't even let her make an appointment for poor, sick Austin. I say, why not? If she didn't pay the bill when she got there like she said she would, then don't let her see the dr. But, if she does, then all would be well. It's not nice to say this, but I hope Erin told the dr. and she got in SOME trouble at least. That just seems so extreme. I know it's a business and there are rules, but it is a DOCTOR's office, after all. You know, a place one needs for HEALING! It's not like Erin was shopping for an extra pair of shoes and they wouldn't let her buy more until she paid for the ones she already had. And, insuance is sad. Maybe a new president can do something about the sad state of American healthcare.

I'm sad. My BFF Marsha has breast cancer. She had surgery yesterday and will find out the results of some pathology next week. I want to hug her, kiss her and make it all GO AWAY. But, I can't. But, I believe in prayer and since "the fervent, effectual prayer of a rightous man (or woman) availeth much", I want to be pretty much perfect until she's out of the woods and better. However, I know that's not happening (my being perfect, that is) anytime soon. It's amazing how much your heart can hurt for those you love.

Michael didn't write today and I sure wish he had. Yesterday was his P-day and he didn't write, so I hoped he would today. I'm hoping he's just busy, busy, teaching himself silly. I hope he's not holed up in his apartment with his companion, sick with the flu or something. I hope he knows if he has a fever of 105.2 that it's dangerous. Does he even have a thermometer? I think that was something I got for his first aide kit I sent with him. But does he know a FEVER from a fever? I hope so. Or, I hope his companion does, if he doesn't.

This has been one of those weeks I hate. You know, the ones where EVERY night after work you have somewhere to go and something to do, when all you want to do is go home and put on your pajamas and curl up on the couch, or in bed and just BE? I don't know how General Authorities and Bishops and Relief Society and Stake Presidents do it. I don't know how mothers of young children do it, even though I was one once for quite a while.

Christmas is 26 days away. I don't think I've ever been so NOT ready. I have done pitifully little shopping. I wish I were like Erin, who by now, probably has bought all of her kids Christmas gifts and already knows what she'll bake/make/take to friends/family/foes. I hate shopping more and more and really hate the mall. But, I love to give gifts. Hmm...that does present a challenge.

Nate and Stacy had a 3D ultrasound of Gus this week. Nate stopped by my office to bring me something yesterday and had the DVD they made of it andI got to watch 15 minutes of my next grandbaby. He looks so big and mature already and it's hard to believe he still has 2 months to grow. I feel like I know him already. It is so cool to see those pictures.

There's a lot of sadness around me right now. People I know with problems. Real problems. But, as I read the scriptures and associate with really great people, I'm reminded of how good life really is and how blessed I am and have been my entire life. We've been asked to fast this weekend for moisture for our valley and snow to fall in Eastern Utah/Western Colorado. I feel privileged to do this. It's funny, right before Stake Conference, when Pres. Davie asked the people of our stake to fast for moisture, I was thinking that I was surprised it hadn't come to that already. Like, that very week. I thought, "I wonder how much rain/snow we'd get if all the good people in this valley 1) prayed for water and 2) repented in their personal lives to be worthy of the blessing we desire.

We haven't heard anything about Garrett for the past couple of days and I'm going through update withdrawal. I hope he's ok, and I believe he probably is, just working his little butt off in therapy. I hope Jodie and Jessica and Colby and Devin are all ok,too.

It's 11:05 and I need to go to bed so I can get up at 5:30 in the morning and go to work.
This isn't much of a post, not really entertaining. Just random thoughts.


Jerolyn said...

random thoughts are the best kinda thoughts!

Tyler said...

Just FYI-Health Care in this country is in a pretty bad state, but don't believe what you hear about social medicine. It is no better! I have lived in places where they have it, and they may take you regardless of your bill, but if you have an tumor that could be operated on chances are you'll die before they get a chance to operate they are so backed up. All the government can do is screw it up worse!