Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm Baaaaccckkk

Wow, I always enjoy reading other people's blogs so much that I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. Two weeks, I guess, or close to it.

What have I done? It's hard to tell. How is it that we can be so occupied, yet, at the end of the week, not really be able to tell much about what we did? I think my life is PRET-TY boring, most days, and therefore, not too blog worthy. Here was my week:


Got up @ 5:15
Left for work @ 6:10
Worked till 3:30
Met Marcos at the Gym @ 3:45 (trainer)
Came home @ 4:45
Checked email and blogs
Packed lunch.
Watched TV.
Went to bed @ 8:30 (gym makes me tired!)

Got up @ 5:15
Left for work @ 6:10
Worked til 3:30.
Went to Sam's club and shopped
Brought groceries home
Made & ate dinner
Cleaned kitchen
Packed lunch for next day
Called Marsha, but she wasn't home and I talked to Mike
Fell asleep @ 8:15. Went to bed @ 9:00

Got up @ 5:15
Left for work @ 6:15 (running late)
Worked til 3:30.
Stopped @ Nates & Stacy's after work til 5:00
Went to the gym
Got home @ 6:20
Checked blogs and read email
Picked up bedroom before houskeeper came on Thursday
Went to bed @ 10:00

Got up @ 5:10
Left for work @ 6:10
Worked till 3:30
Met Marcos at the gym @ 3:45
Worked out til 4:45
Hurried home, cleaned up and left @ 5:10 to go to Terry's
6:10 arrived @ Terrys and went to dinner
Visited with Terry until 9:45
Drove home. Fell in bed @ 10:20.

Got up @ 5:10
Left for work @ 6:15
Worked until 3:30
Skipped the gym and came home.
Cooked rice for pudding.
Enjoyed my clean, quiet house.
Got a call to join Stephens and Barkers and Taylors @ Chuck-E-Cheese
Ate & visited with family until 9:15
Came home and made rice pudding.
Fell asleep @ 10:40.

Woke up @ 6:15 ( I love sleeping in!)
Worked on my R.S. lesson I'm giving today.
Did a load of laundry.
Checked email and blogs.
Went to the gym.
Came home around 10:00 or so.
Started working on a quilt for a friend.
Sarah called and asked if I could watch kids. Said ok.
Sarah called back and said nevermind.
Worked on quilt some more.
Decided to find someone to do a two-for-one at the massage school with.
Left @ 2:00 for a massage.
Got out @ 4:30 from massage.
Went to Sarahs and massaged her head for an hour and had a nice visit. Well, nice for me, I wasn't the one with the migraine.
Stopped @ Taylors and gave $$ from Sarah to their daughter.
Got home @ 6:00 or so.
Doug called and came over and set up the router. THANK YOU, DOUG!!!!!
I busted out the laptop and hooked it up.
Worked on my lesson some more.
Fell asleep around 11:45.

Woke up @ 6:20
Worked on my lesson till 9:30
I'm writing this blog.
I will go to church till 2:00 and have a 2:15 meeting.
I will come home and fix something to eat, which I didn't do before church because I was working on my lesson and writing this blog.
Hopefully, I'll see David and visit with him, since he's not working today.
Mallory's from Idaho are coming over to visit sometime tonight.
I might get to watch Big Brother, but we'll see.

Ok, see, my life is B-O-R-I-N-G. I'm not complaining. I'm just sayin'.....No reason to blog.

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