Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hola & Adios

Well, we went to Mexico. Howard, David, friend Terry and I. We were there for a week and it was pretty great. We had a fantastic time with David and Terry and had lots of laughs. With the exception of the day we left, we had absolutely perfect weather. I don't know what the temperature was, but I'd guess 75. Warm days, cool nights, but I only got really cold one night. Terry and I laid out on the beach three times. It's glorious! You could stay there for 8 hours, because it feels so stinking good. (My pedicurist said today, "what have you done to your feet!?). The hospitality we received from our hosts, Morris and Elaine, was really amazing, as they are!

Coming back we had a bit of excitement. The pilot announced, about 2 hours into the flight) that there was a problem with the plane. (I remember him saying "serious problem", but Howard only remembers "problem". ANYWAY...because of the problem we were going to have to make an emergency landing and he'd tell us more later, once we got landed. A stewardess told someone that we were landing in Hermosillo, MX. We all immediately got out our maps of Mexico that's in the Delta Airlines magazine in the seat pocket to see where it is. Northern Mexico, south of Tucson, AZ. When we landed ("crash landed" according to Terry, but not really), they told us that there had been a fuel leak from one of the engines. True enough, because there were 3 fire trucks waiting for us on the side of the runway! Then, they had to figure out whether we could get the problem fixed or whether Delta would have to send a plane for us. By now we realized we WEREN'T going to make our connecting flight in L.A. to Vegas, which was a bummer for David because it was his birthday and he was hoping to get home and go play with his friends. They eventually were able to fix the leak, refuel the airplane and get us up and off again. We landed in L.A. around 8:30. Then, we had to go through customs and that took FOREVER. Because there were no flights out of L.A. to Las Vegas at that time of night (hard to believe) they gave us a room voucher and got us scheduled to leave L.A. the following morning at 6:50 (too early!). By the time we ate some dinner in the hotel restraunt and got into our (very nice) room, it was midnight. We had to be up and ready to catch the shuttle by 4:30, so it was a short night. Got on the plane ok and made it home around 8 something. This little experience confirmed two things to me: 1) always take the day AFTER you plan to return off work and 2) bring snacks of some sort with you. I threw away a bag of trail mix that morning because I didn't want to have to carry anymore than I needed to. And, you know how heavy those peanuts and M & M's can be :). We pretty much cleaned out the plane of cookies and crackers and sodas while we were on the ground (2 1/2-3 hours, I figure). But, all in all, it was a great trip. And, I read two books. Bonus!

Upon return, it's been nice. We got word that our fabulous son in law, Kevin, passed his final test for his CPA licensure,which was great news.

Today, I got a pedicure, made a baby blanket and a choir robe, cleaned out my refrigerator, went to a baby shower, made invitations for our Relief Society Birthday dinner for the Laurels in our ward, and did some other stuff for it. My calendar is filling up. The next week is crazy, for me. Stuff to do/places to go every day! I hate those kinds of weeks. And, I need a hair cut.

We got a great email from Michael this week. He and his comp, Elder Stewart have two potential baptisms in the works, but it's too early to tell. And, we had some pictures waiting for us from him when we returned. He sent some pics of him eating some "local cuisine". I might post them later, once I scan them in. You might get a little sick, so maybe I'll see if anyone wants to see them before I post them. You vote!

I have watched two of my all time favorite movies today. I watched Sense and Sensibility while I was making the baby blanket and while I've been working on the R.S. stuff and writing this blog I've been watching The Ten Commandments. Interspersed with Top Chef. That's congruous, right? Every time I watch that movie, I wonder what Moses thinks of Charlton Heston portrayal of him (hee hee).

My SIL, Pam, is in the hospital with pneumonia. A few complications the night she was admitted and she nearly died, according to my bro. Scary, but she's better now. She was in ICU, but was waiting for a regular room, yesterday.

Monday, I report to my new old work location. I will love it. I will love it. I will love it. I will love it!

Marsha had chemo treatment #4 on Friday. Two more to go. The last one kicked her butt. I hope this one won't be worse. I love you, Marsha!!!!


Rick/Dad/Grandpa/Mr. D said...

OH MY GUNNESS (as Shirley Temple would say) - that airplane scare must have been something! YIKES!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip though. What fun! And it sounds like you've been busy since you got back. You made me tired just reading about all your activities!!! (I need a nap now! LOL). You WILL love your new work location. You will LOVE your new work location. You will love YOUR new work get the idea! :-)

barlows said...

FINALLY! Sheesh, I didn't know if I needed to remind you about the 24 hr. blog rule upon return from vacation. Glad you didn't crash and all.

Jerolyn said...

crash landing...Terry You crack me up! Glad it wasn't really a crash landing!

Julina said...

yeah... I got copies of the pictures of the "local cuisine." Totally grossed me out. And he knew it would- wrote that "grossing me out" was totally worth all the hard work on the back of the picture. I'm glad Mexico treated you so nice, well, minus the flight. 4 MORE WEEKS til I'm HOME!

Megan said...

Sounds like a great time. Sheesh - Vegas to Mexico. some of us are FREEZING in Idaho! ;-) How did your apple dumplings turn out? Hope they were a hit. Mom's doing good this week. She wanted soup and a cookie for lunch today. Wahoo!

Julie M. said...

Glad that crash landing had more emphasis on the "landing" part. Wow! That would have made me a little more than slightly nervous! So glad you had a great time in Mexico and got home safe and sound!