Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Why is it easier to preach patience than to actually exercise it? Why is it easier to know what one should do than to actually do it. Could it be this is why we're here? To learn this stuff? But, is it ever too late to learn some things? Is there a point of no return where you really can't teach an old dog a new trick? I certainly hope not. I hope that even though each day ticks off precious seconds and minutes and hours, never to be regained, that somehow, the remaining time will be sufficient to learn what I came to this earth to learn. Patience. Wisdom. Compassion. Unconditional love. At least those are the things I want to learn. Maybe God has a different list for me!

For those of you on the Mike,-the-soon-to-be-missionary watch, here's the latest. Got an email from the bishop on yesterday AM saying he was done with the papers. Great. On to the Stake Clerk for him to go over everything, email the Stake Pres. to add some comments. We're movin' on! But, wait! Today, at 5:00, the S.C. called and said...wait...are you waiting...THE DENTAL PAPERWORK IS MISSING. We talked about why and how it is that that is just now being discovered. I can't really explain that, but the bottom line is, it is. Doesn't really matter why or how. Michael is certain he turned them in 3 weeks ago when he met with S.P. Anyway, the good news is, the dentist is in the S.C.'s ward and has spoken to him and is faxing the paperwork to his office and he's supposed to fax it back to the S.C. and he'll get it on to the S.P. and he'll get it on to SLC tomorrow, hopefully. Maybe Friday at the latest. Michael is frustrated to the MAX. I told the S.C. that I don't blame anyone, I just can't understand all the snags, some of which have turned out to not be real after all.

Yesterday was a sweet day for me. It was the 32nd anniversary of my baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I marked the occasion by going to the Temple. I would have loved to have had family there with me, but no one was available. I as able to take the name of Gertrude Lacobee Thornton with me and do the work for her. She let me know she was happy about what was going on. I love that feeling. It was sweet. I've been dreaming about the various members of this Lacobee family. I feel like they are telling me something. "Get my Temple work done!". So, I'm on it.

Props to FAB1 for getting on board with the Blog Posting! WTG!

My sister-in-law, Pam, who has endured more in this life than I hope I ever have to, had surgery today. She had her right leg amputated 2 years ago and today had to have more of it amputated because she had some issues. They were able to keep it a below-the-knee surgery, which is huge and what she wanted so much. I'm so grateful for that and I know she and Gary, my brother, are especially so. Maybe now, she can get healed, and get a prosthesis that fits and will be able to be up and about and finally get some semblance of her life back. She's been virtually home bound for 2 years. That has to suck! I feel for her so much. And, my brother is great, too, to take care of everything.

Well, I'm off to Enrichment cooking class. Making pie crust and apple, banana cream and strawberry pie! Yum. Thanks to Lynette for taking that assignment. We'll skip July and Aug. and start up again in Sept.

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The Fatman said...

I think this is one of those things where we are tested. Like a lesson in patients or something to that effect. It will make Mike that much better a missionary LOL