Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mission Call on the Way?

Got a call from our Bishop tonight wondering if Mike had received the Mission Call. The website indicates it was mailed on 6/15. I'm pretty sure it will be in the mail tomorrow (Thursday). BUT...Howard is in Reno until Satuday evening (home around 8:00) and if it does arrive, Mike wants (?) to wait until his dad is here to open it. So, I'm thinking Saturday evening we'll have the long awaited wait over. If it doesn't come, I'll be back posting the update. His good friend CJ had to wait for his Mom to come home from Women's Conference. He leaves in about 2 weeks. I wish I could say I felt strongly one way or another where Mike is going. When we were in Mexico, I dreame he was going to go to Kentucky, but my dreams are sometimes pretty off, so I don't put much stock in that dream! Oohh, the suspense.

Not much to blog about this week. I read others' blogs and really enjoy them and wish I had more to say sometimes. It has been a good week, as The Closer has returned to TBS! Hooray. I really do love that show! Kyra Sedgwick does a great Georgia accent.

I had a bad start to my morning today. At 3:30, the dog barked and woke me up. I couldn't get back to sleep very well, but I guess I did, because at 4:40 when the alarm went off, I more or less slept through it (I have it set to a country music station) and didn't hit the normal "snooze". But, I did begin to dream a dream wherein Mike and I were driving in the mountains and saw dozens and dozens of youth climbing and clamboring up the mountainside, escaping from the valley floor. Mike andI got where we were going, got out of the car and were sitting on a bench waiting for the guy in charge to tell us some very needful info. He had a microphone and everytime he went up to say something, he couldn't because COUNTRY MUSIC was playing from somewhere and he couldn't talk. I was getting really irritated after he made about 4 attempts to speak and couldn't because of he music and couldn't figure out why someone couldn't jut locate and turn off the radio! That's when I finally woke up and realized it was MY radio. It was 5:07! I need to leave by 5:10. Yikes. I was out of the house and in my car by 5:18 (not looking too cute, though). Rough start. So, why am I up at 11:10 tonight? I fell asleep on the couch and snoozed because I was waiting up thinking David might call for a ride home from work. But, he hasn't called by now, so I'm going to bed. Goodnight. At least I won't be hit in the face with a baby bottle (ha Jer).


The Fatman said...

I think he will be sent to Australia

Jerolyn said...

I laughed at your dream. Isn't that funny how your mind works when you're dreaming? I mean all of our minds not just YOUR mind!haha
Saturday huh? wow this should be good

Molly said...

Mikey is so nice...if it were me, I'd rip it open right then and there and not care who was there! :)