Monday, October 13, 2008

The Presidents

PBS has a series of shows on the presidents of the United States which has been WONDERFUL. They don't seem to be in order, and I've probably missed some. I watched the one on Jimmy Carter and I am watching the one on Nixon right now. I think I missed the one on Reagan, which I really didn't want to miss. It's been great to look back on these days that these guys were president. And, it's interesting to see the issues then, compared to now. I recommend the show! Monday nights, channel 10. They're long, though. Usually 3 hours, so you can set your DVR. You can buy each show for $24.99, but the entire set for $129.00 (10 DVDs). Of course, it helps to love history to want to watch them! Thank goodness for DVR, though, because I'm headed to bed. Can't hang til 12:00 with Richard Nixon with work tomorrow!


The Fatman said...

I think history is probably one of my favorite things to get into. So who do you think was the best President the USA has had during your lifetime!!

I think I will go with Clinton during my lifetime.

Kiley said...

Hi Beth! I saw your blog from Mindy Doty's and I just wanted to say hi!! I hope you are doing well, I miss seeing ya!
Kiley McDonald