Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I almost died...literally

This is a little late, and it really is ancient history at this point, but I was almost killed on my way to work the other day. Literally. Or, seriously, as Erin would say. I was stopped at a red light at Ramrod & Mt. Vista and when the light turned GREEN, I proceeded into the intersection, only to be suddenly surprised by a car that came barrelling up Mt. Vista on my left. Luckily I was only going maybe 15 mph, so I slammed on my brakes. I was going so slow, the brakes didn't even squeal, that's how slow I was going. Anyway, this car was coming VERY fast, maybe 45-50 mph, at least. Maybe faster. He/she swerved to the left and BARELY missed me. When my life is over (after the FABULOUS funeral I have planned) I will want to see that moment in slo mo just to see how in the HECK we didn't hit. I sat there for a second or two, just staring at the GREEN light, making absolute certain, that yes, I did have the green light, then, just made my turn and proceeded on to work. Whew! I braked and braced myself so hard that I totally gave myself a cramp in my left leg!

Marsha is coming on Monday. For scrapfest next weekend. Well, supposedly for scrapfest (sorry Sarah) but I know it's to see me. She's spending and entire week with me. A whole week! I can't believe it. I took the week off work on vacation. I'm not sure what we'll do, but whatever it is, we'll have fun, fun, FUN. I'm stoked.

I never know how to wrap up a post. I'm done, though. I guess that does it.


Jerolyn said...

So glad you didn't die...that would of sucked! sleep fest here we come...I, I mean scrap fest!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a heart-stopper. Glad you're okay.

Stac said...

So glad you didn't die.