Sunday, July 8, 2007

So, it's been a while!

I know, I know, it's been a while since I blogged. I just can't think of anything much to tell that I think anyone would even be remotely interested in. I could talk about how much I miss my kids when they are out of town, or the COUNTRY, as is sometimes the case. I could talk about how I go to call some of them 5 times a day, only to realize that they are gone. Not that I call that often when they are here, that's the weird part about it.

I could talk about how I'm finishing up a project we did in R.S. in MAY that still isn't done. I passed out 3 quilts today that just need to be tied. If I get the ones I kept for myself to do, then I'll have 10 blankets to give to Morris & Elaine to take to Mexico and give to some bambino's madre who needs it for her bambino. (Is it bambina if it's a girl?) I could also talk about how I'm obsessed with making receiving blankets and can hardly pass up flannel any more.

I could talk about how Michael leaves in 47 days, but we haven't bought the first thing. I was thinking we could get him his luggage, but then I thought we should wait until we buy all the clothes to see what size luggage he'll need. Or maybe it should be the other way around. I could talk about how most days I'm pretty proud of myself about how I'm not all emotional about him going, because I've been down this road before with Nathan (which is pretty comforting, actually), but then some days, like today, I just think I'm in a bit of denial. The thought of him being gone for 2 years and not getting to see his cute face and see his darling smile and hear his laugh is hard for me. All I can say is "Isn't it almost Christmas yet?" I could talk about how missionary-minded I get when I have a missionary and I want to share the Gospel message I know to be true with everyone know, especially those family members who just aren't interested right now and how I have a huge hurt-your-throat-lump right now, just thinking about that.

I could talk about how I've been thinking a lot about life and why I'm here and what I'm supposed to learn and how I'm supposed to learn those things. About how PERSONAL God makes the tutoring and that I don't live in the abstract, but in the very real specific-ness of it all and that most days I'm just wondering if I'm doing enough and am pretty sure I'm not. And don't even get me started on the quality of what I do. That's a whole other blog.

I could just talk about how much a hug and a kind word means sometimes. Sometimes not even a word; just a loving look can mean so much. Someone at church gave me one of those loving looks today, and all they said was "hello". It meant a lot and I hope God blesses them for it. So, I want to be that person that brightens someone else's day. About how I really do hope we're judged by the "intent of our heart" as well as our actions because, if that's the case, I have a better chance!

I could talk about how I can hardly wait until July 22 when I get to see Marsha and go see Calleen. Really, I might not want to come back this year. I could also talk about how my friend's son just got married and I feel like such a creep because I just kept putting off sending a gift and now it's a sorry-you-didn't-get-this-BEFORE-you-got-married gift. Or Mike's good friend CJ who is now IN the MTC and I never got around to giving him the $$ I was going to for his mission. Got to put that in the mail to his mom.

But, I'll just say life is good. Hard some days, but good. I love reading other people's blogs so thank you all for writing. It's usually a bright spot and is a real disappointment when they aren't there. And, since it's Sunday, I'll try to make it a day of real REST.


Jerolyn said...

sending you a hug via the internet!

Molly said...

Well, I'm always interested in what you have to say! Since I don't get to come buy you guys every Sunday anymore, I always look forward to all the Garrard blogs to know what's going on in their lives!

Nan said...

You brightened my day by commenting on my blog:) It was so amazing to be able to see my boy before he is born. I'm assuming that you are going to come to my baby shower, since your lovely daughter is throwing it for me but I would like to put your address on my list for invitations:) You can email me your address at Love you and miss you bunches!!

slave said...

I thought you didn't have anything to say. You are awesome. Hugs to you. I hugged you Sunday so I am sending that same hug to you. I know what you mean about calling your kids when they are out of town. Seems like you don't have anything to say until they leave. haha

annilee said...

Thanks for blogging, I always enjoy!